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Welcome to the website of the Eastern European Translators, currently called "CETTAF" - Chamber of Experts Translators and Sworn Translators of France.
Attention, this site is no longer up to date !!!
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The "Chambre des Experts-Traducteurs et Traducteurs Jurés de l'Est" has changed its name. Since 2016, it has become "Chambre des Experts Traducteurs et Traducteurs Assermentés de France" ( CETTAF).

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Our Association groups together both expert and sworn- in translators approved by the Court of Appeal either in Nancy, Colmar or Metz as well as by the County Courts in the translators' jurisdictions. The interpreters-translators apply their linguistic skills to meet the needs of the general public, the public services and the judiciary. The oath they take is a guarantee of their competence and reliability.

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