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How to become a member ?

Each translator-interpreter registered on the list at either a Higher Level Court or at a Court of Appeal in Alsace or Lorraine may ask to become a member of the Chamber. This membership is neither obligatory nor automatic. To obtain such membership an application must be made and a file constituted analogue to that submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office on registration. The Association Board gives a ruling concerning the application during its first meeting after the file has been registered. Its decision is supreme. Should the decision be positive, the registered applicant is called upon to settle the corresponding fees currently coming to 80 Euros, produce two passport photos and above all subscribe to the association’s statutes and rules and regulations while committing herself/himself to comply at any given moment.

How to become a sworn-in translator/interpreter ?

If you feel you have the qualities required to carry out this function, that is to say: ability (complete mastery of a foreign language and of French), discretion, independence, impartiality, availability, you may ask to register on the list of interpreters-translators drawn-up each year by the State Prosecutor or on the list of expert translators to the Court of Appeal. In either case the application must be addressed to the nearest public prosecutor’s office to residence or workplace. Upon inquiry and examination of the applicant’s file an answer will be sent within some short months, generally at the end of the calendar year, in order to register for the status of qualified translator-interpreter the following year.

For further information concerning the conditions of application, terms, deadlines, documents to supply, please contact the secretariat of the Prosecutor of Higher Level Court.

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