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The Chamber for both expert- and sworn-in translators in the East of France is registered in the prefecture of Meurthe-et-Moselle under file number 327. The headquarters are in Nancy :

7, rue de Réménauville, F-54000 Nancy
Tel : +33 (0)3 83 35 69 20 / +33 (0)6 85 91 02 29
E-mail :

The Association is composed of 3 sections corresponding to the three Courts of Appeal in the north-east of France: Nancy south Lorraine (Nancy Court of Appeal), Moselle (Metz Court of Appeal) and Alsace (Colmar Court of Appeal).

The Association is run by a Board of 10 members, elected every 4 years at the annual general meeting. The present Board, elected in September 2017 and June 2018, is made up of :

The President of the Chamber
Mr Youssef Ayache
Ms Nicole Glin
Treasurer vice-president
Mrs. Fouzia Belkhayat
General secretary
Board member
Mr. Mehmet Cinemre
Vice-President/president of the Alsace section
Mrs. Mihaela Sailé
Secretary of the Alsace section
Mr. Gocha Gogebashvili
Board member
Ms Svetlana Pouchkova-Meyer
Vice-President/president of the Moselle section
Mr. Adam Mazur
Secretary of the Moselle section
Ms Chantal Muller-Antoine
Board member
Ms. Isabelle Pillu

Objectives of the Association

The purpose of the Chamber is to promote solid relationships among its members and be a source of information relating to their statutory duties. The Chamber also wishes and aims to enhance the quality and uniformity of translations.

The sworn-in interpreters and translators work for the Courts upon request. They provide their best specialist and personal knowledge either as interpreters or translators for any official or administrative translation.

The Chamber sees that each member respects both his/her responsibilities accepted when sworn-in at the courts as well as the Charter of the Association, so that any person who needs to have a document translated may be certain they apply to a competent translator.

Sworn-in Translator-Interpreter's Ethics

In 1999 the Chamber of Expert Translators and Sworn-In or Registered Translators in the East of France adopted a seven- point charter which was included into its rules and regulations. By becoming a member of the Chamber the sworn-in translator-interpreter undertakes to respect these rules of ethics:

  1. The translator is responsible for translations upon which his signature and seal is affixed.
  2. The translator will refuse to interpret a translation other than what he considers to conform to the original text.
  3. The translator is required to inform by note of any mistake, contradiction, omission or deletion noticed on the original document.
  4. The translator-interpreter is bound by his duty to impartiality.
  5. The translator-interpreter is bound by professional secrecy, she/he must not in any case disclose the content of the documents entrusted to her/ him, nor the nature of the conversations she/he may be witness to while at work.
  6. The translator-interpreter undertakes to behave honestly with her/ his fellow members, members of the Chamber.
  7. The interpreter-translator is required to assist judicial authorities. Refusal to collaborate, unless valid, is not accepted.

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